Music for Your wedding

This page will help with the planning of your wedding ceremony music.    Bob will  help plan your music with you in advance, and on your wedding day, work with  the officiant and venue managers to make your ceremony is one of seamless perfection! 

Parts of the ceremony


The first part of the ceremony is the preludes.  Preludes set the tone and ambience for your guests that are seated waiting for your entrance.  Prelude music will usually start 30 minutes prior to your entrance.  Some guests might have traveled far for this occasion, and might be seated quite early, so the preludes set the stage and  provide ambience for your guests until your arrival.  


This is the part you have been waiting for.  The grand entrance of your bridal party followed by the bride in all of her splendor.  At the signal the musician(s) will start the chosen entrance music to announce the bridal party.   A second musical selection usually will  announce the Bride.  This is the part of the ceremony that you need to make an important musical decision.  Would you like a big majestic entrance (like royalty!) or would you prefer a more subdued entrance but just as elegant?  This can be accomplished with  proper selections of processional music, with different levels of volume from the musician(s).


Music for reflection during the service.  A unity candle, or perhaps some other symbolic gesture during your service may be accompanied by a musical selection. You have many choices here.  The Interlude is an option, and not always a part of the ceremony.


Exit music at the end of the ceremony announces to the world the newly wedded couple, as you walk down the aisle together.  This music is usually joyous and grandiose in manner and concludes the ceremony.

Time to Plan!

Time to Plan!

Listening samples are available on the Listening page of this website.  You will also find a more comprehensive repertoire listing on my repertoire/song list page.  This large list contains many of the songs that I have been performing and most requested in the last couple of years.   After listening, make your list.  If you want advice, or would like assistance in making  choices based on your personal style, Bob would be more than happy to help you with your musical plan.  All of the recorded samples are by Bob and fellow musicians (if applicable)  in his home studio, so you know exactly what you will be hearing at your wedding.  The sound of a duo; piano with violin or flute, is very nice if it is in your budget.  The list includes the traditional  as well as some appropriate contemporary (current) selections.  Please remember that although there are the "traditions", is not uncommon to pick a more contemporary song to march down the aisle to.    Note that the suggested use of each is only a suggestion, based on past experience and traditions.     If after listening to the following samples, and looked over the repertoire/song list page,  and there is a special song that you would like played, Bob will happily accommodate your request.  Please let Bob know at least 2 weeks before your ceremony  to allow him the time to obtain the music, (if he does not already have it) as long as it's published and work up an arrangement.

Your Ceremonial Music List​

  • 1 or 2 Processionals (2 selections if the Bridal Entrance music is to be different than the Bridal Party).
  • 1 Interlude (Optional) , only if you want music during the service; a moment of reflection.
  • 1 or 2 Recessionals

​       For the prelude portion of your wedding, Bob will usually perform  an appropriate mix of classical and popular repertoire.  If you desire something specific before the start of the ceremony, just let him know!


Bob can continue performing right into cocktail hour!  The musical selections would reflect the setting.  A more spirited and upbeat mix of music; could be a mix of light jazz, contemporary popular, classic rock, or any particular songs that you prefer this part of the occasion.  This would add a nice ambience for you and your guests as a transition into  the reception.  Ask Bob about special package rates for combination wedding ceremony and cocktail hour.